One of my favorite things to do is watching the sunrise from Coal Dock Park in Port Washington Wisconsin. The last couple of years I have enjoyed watching the sunrise as the fishing boats head out into Lake Michigan. I have taken many, many images, some better than others, but none I really think reflect the moment.

Port Washington is about, an hour and a half from home and it is always refreshing. The temperature is cooler than home and less humidity. Often just before sunrise a thick fog rolls in just as the fishing boats head out.

Fisherman often stand shoulder to should by the water and clicks from bear bottles can be heard as they get a bite. Wrapping a line around the top of an empty bottle gives an alert to the fisherman, when a fish hits the bait the bottle falls over.

This mourning I set my phone on a tripod and used Time Lapse Pro to record about 45 minutes, finally something that resembles what I see. I look forward to coming out during the winter and seeing this ice covered.

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