Looking Back Almost 40 Years

These images were taken by me and published in the Richmond Gazette, around 1981- 1982. These images would be owned by the Richmond Gazette or whoever owns the Richmond Gazette now, I have been unable to find who should get the credit, since the paper does not exist anymore.

When I started to explore photography at the age of 11 at a Merit Badge clinic for Boy Scouts, I never dreamed that this would continue to be interesting through out my life.

I was looking through some old boxes of stuff when I found a scrapbook of images that I had saved from high school. I and a friend were walking past the local newspaper office and we decided to go in and see if they would hire us as photographers. We meet with the local writer/ photographer and had a couple of conversations over the next week or so and they hired us as stringers. As a stringer we were paid by the image(s) published and words that were written by us and printed. I believe I got $2.50 per image and 5 cents per word, words were counted as five letters.

The best part besides getting paid and being recognized locally as a writer and photographer was ridding my bicycle to local events, since I was under the age of sixteen and did not have a drivers licence.  Often someone would see me ride up to an event such as photographing Veterans at the local VFW for an award being presented and having to show my press pass to prove that I was who I said I was. The newspaper had given them my name but hadn’t mentioned I was a kid on a bike. It was always a satisfying feeling to have the image published and see them around town and have them say thanks.


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