Ulanzi ST-03 Metal Smart phone Tripod Adapter

Back in August I reviewed the Davoice Cell Phone Tripod adapter (read post) , I have since moved onto a much better smart phone tripod adapter, although I still use the Bluetooth trigger that came with the Davoice adapter.

The Ulanzi ST-03 Metal smart phone tripod adapter sold by Amazon is made from Machined T6061 Aerospace Aluminum alloy. It also has a built in Arca Swiss Plate mount that fits my Vanguard Alta Pro tripod (Amazon Link) and SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod (Amazon Link).  The description says that it  “Holds any smart phone from 2.28″ to 4.1″ wide. Compatible with 4.3in to 7in Screen Smartphone”. It can also mount to any mount with a 1/4-20 thread.

I do not foresee any issues with this breaking since it is so well made.  It clamps down firmly and has rubber stops to hold my phone securely and keep it from getting scratched.  I wouldn’t walk around with it mounted just in case it were to fall. Walking around with any camera mounted to a tripod is not a good idea.  It also fits nicely into my pocket or suitcase, I look forward to taking this on trips.

I was impressed with how well it holds my Samsung S8 with a Lifeproof case. I was concerned, since some of these cases get so big.  As you can tell from my images above, I have used this and it does have some scratches from being in my day pack as I hiked along Lake Michigan in Door County a couple of weeks ago..

If you are into Iphoneography or phoneography please check this out I think you will be very pleased.

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