A Week In Door County One Day

After some long days at work I decided to take three days off and head North. I didn’t want to spend all my time driving so I decided to head to Door County which is North of Green Bay Wisconsin on the peninsula. Wednesday mourning 2:00 AM my alarm went off and so did I. All packed and out the door shortly after enjoying a cup of coffee.

As I left, I quietly thanked my grandsons for the sore throat, I had started to feel. This wasn’t going to detour me, I was on my way for a three to five day adventure. My plan was to follow Lake Michigan and explore the small towns and interesting shore lines looking for new subjects to photograph.

I also had my very new Samsung S8 and I was ready to give it a workout.

To my dismay, I was home the next day. As the day progressed so did my cold. Sore throat, runny nose, difficulty breathing and it only got worse. After a long night in a tent, I headed home. Tail between my legs looking forward to a bed.

I still had a good time but it seemed like it lasted a week. I was able to visit a light house and a couple of beacons along with a few places that I hadn’t been since I was a kid. I also saw my first porcupine very interesting but distance was in my favor.

When I get more time I really would like to explore Sturgeon Bay a little more. I had a great breakfast and spent some time exploring the outside of the Maritime Museum, since they were not open yet. This town has some interesting buildings and two draw bridges one of which is a beautiful old steel bridge, built in 1929.

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