Flickr Pro

Over the 8 or so years, I had pretty much given up on Flickr.

I joined in 2009 and had a couple of accounts under various names, unfortunately I made some poor choices in naming the account so I tried combining them and lost everything, but that was my fault. 

After competitors such as 500px came into the market I and many others changed to some of the newer and more updated sites. I still enjoy them but what Flickr brought to the table were groups. Groups on almost every subject, such as local and regional groups. I have used Flickr since 2009 because many clubs and Meetups use to post images. Also Analog photography lives on stronger than ever on Flickr.

As most people are aware of Smugmug purchased Flickr around last April (2018). They have made some changes and are continuing to make updates with is what I hope is a strong and positive future for both the users and Flickr.  One of the changes that they made was what a free account and a Pro account included.

Flickr Pro includes some of the following. (Check out this link for more details Flickr Pro Reasons to Upgrade )

Plus all these great new Pro-only features:

  • Premier Product Support.
  • More Partner Discounts. 
  • Advanced Stats on Mobile.
  • Increased Exposure.
  • New 5K Photo Display Option. .
  • 10-Minute Videos.

Why I upgraded to Flickr Pro

I have used Smugmug since about 2013 when I moved from Zenfolio.  After meeting with the representatives of Smugmug at WPPI in Las Vegas for a couple of years I decided that Smugmug better suited my needs.  I have enjoyed their service and support since then. I could have continued to use Flickr for free, as I have before. I would not have hit the new 1000 image or do I mind seeing the adds.

I want to support a company that has provided a fantastic service and is expanding their support of photographers and photography by purchasing and improving what I hope will be the if not the best certainly one of the top photography sharing sites. Please consider joining others and myself in supporting them.

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