Celebrate Winter


The start of winter (Astronomical), December 21, 2019. A comfortable day to enjoy a hike on the shortest daylight and longest darkness of the year. There isn’t much color in the winter landscape of Wisconsin apart from some red berries usually associated with Bittersweet vines. As I hiked, the morning light backlit the leaves with some warm light, it was an beautiful moment.

Hiking Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy in Williams Bay Wisconsin was a great place to be this winter solstice. The trails were soft and some were closed for repair work on the boardwalks.

Solstice vs Equinox

Each year we have two days that mark a solstice and two days that mark an equinox.

Solstice A solstice is when the Earths poles reach the maximum tilt towards the Sun. This happens around June 21 and around December 22 each year. In the Northern Hemisphere this would be the Summer solstice June 21 and the Winter solstice December 22. The Summer solstice is the longest daylight and shortest night. The Winter solstice is the shortest daylight and longest night. This is the reason for the seasons.

Equinox Around the dates of, March 21 and September 23, are the Equinoxes. This is when the Sun is directly above the Equator. This makes for an equal length of day and night.