Duck Lake Nature Trail

It’s always fun when you find a new trail or park in an area you have lived all your life. That’s what happened to me this weekend. The Duck Lake Nature Trail is about 10 minutes from home. I was looking over some birding opportunities cumming up soon. That’s right, I said, that I was watching, upcoming bird watching events. It’s a sub part of bird watching.

I found a listing for the Duck Lake Nature Trail in an upcoming event with the local Audubon Society. I started my day at Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy, one of my favorite local parks.  It late April only a few days from May and last night we picked up a couple inches of snow.

My phone GPS/maps took me to a location that I couldn’t see the trail. I later found that it was good but ends near some houses. On my way out I found some signs directing me to a small parking area near the trail. This is a fun trail to hike if you like birding, easy hiking, and nature.

The trail is grass covered but very flat and pretty smooth. It’s an old railroad bed from the Chicago and North Western Railway, operated from 1888 to 1965. (Information from sign on the trail) According to my gps the trail is 1.7 miles from end to end with an elevation gain of 36′.

There are two trails that lead off the main trail. One is the Dam Trail which I did not try, the steps down, were covered with snow. I have had shoulder surgery last month and was not wanting to be adventurous with pain.


Ernest Roeker Trail

The other is the Ernest Roeker Trail that I did follow, it loops back onto the main trail. Their is a box with information handouts at one end. The trail today was wet and slippery. There are a few foot bridges and board walks along with some boards laying directly on the ground. The trail is marked with orange blazes and there are numbered stations/posts, that correspond to the handout. Some wild floweres along with Skunk Cabbage were visible today.

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