Five Of My Favorite Photography Podcasts

On my phone I have 47 podcasts that I listen to, of those 11 are directly photography related. Although I consider all of them and the music that I listen to, to be photography related. Nothing exists in a vacuum and inspiration comes from many directions. Often I find myself exploring new ideas and techniques and subjects, not from photography related podcasts or videos, but from subjects that make me think and consider something other than photography. With so many podcasts and so little time to listen to them, I find myself binging on two or more episodes in a row to catch up.

One of my favorite all time podcasts is On Taking Pictures. The podcast was hosted Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris. They ended with 325 episodes. Discussions revolved around many different subjects, art science, philosophy, woodworking and maybe a little photography.

The act of capturing an image is fairly easy, it’s the inspiration to see is what we need. (my words not theirs). How we perceive the world around us is what allows multiple photographers looking at the same subject to come back with different images

Not a complete list but a few of my favorites.

Photography Matters– Hosted by Ted Vieira, Ted discusses various aspects of photography, it’s hard not to be inspired to try something new.

The Candid Frame – Hosted by Ibarionex Perello, interviewing photographers from all walks of life. Even if I don’t have an interest in a certain type of photography I always find myself intently listening.

Lens Work– Put out by Lens Work Magazine, they have over 1000 podcasts published. Usually fairly short but on point and inspirational. I have picked up some interesting reading from subjects covered on this podcast, such as the War Of Art.

Film Photography Podcast– Brought to us by the Film Photography Project , some of these episodes can be very long but always interesting. Covering gear of all types film. Large, medium, 35 mm to subminiature photography. Want to try some new or old film check out their website.

F-Stop Collaborate and Listen– The format for the podcast is a relaxed conversation – we touch on all types of topics relating to landscape photography, including workflow, becoming a professional full-time photographer, social media, conservationism, the business of photography, finding motivation to shoot, and more. (I did copy this directly from his website.)

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