Frisco 1630

Recently I visited the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois. I hadn’t been to this museum since the late 1970’s and my memory of it wasn’t very strong. Fifteen dollars is the cost of an entrance fee for an adult under 62 years, it was money well spent. Exploring the trains, parts piles, street cars, old buses, signals, barns of trains and so much more, I roamed the grounds for just about four hours in utter amazement. This museum is very well done.

The steam engine that is currently operating, I later found out was the Frisco 1630. According to the Illinois Railway Museum website it has been operating since 1918. The museum acquired it in 1967. The 1630 was meant to be shipped to Russia but wasn’t due to an embargo because of the Bolshevik revolution.

Wikipedia, has some good information as well. In an entry titled, St. Louis-San Francisco Railway 1630. It is noted that the 1630 was converted from a 5 ft Russian track gauge to 4 ft 8 12 in standard gauge.

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