Geneva lakes Boat Show

The last couple of years I have always heard of the Geneva Lakes Boat Show after it was over. This year I was able to attend and what a great show it is. The show is held at the Abbey Resort on lake Geneva, in Fontana Wisconsin. The harbor is filled with antique wooden boats that are as amazing as any piece of art. Admission is free, although I did pay $2.00 to park in public parking near by. I know that the Abbey does have parking but this was easier for me.

Outside of the marina are boats on trailers for viewing, it was so much fun looking at the craftsmanship up close. I originally intended to bring a film camera but chickened out and brought a digital. I did stick with just one lens a Canon 50mm f/1.4 my favorite lens of all time. In hind site I should have brought a polarizing filter since the boats were so shinny with all the lacquer. Next Year I plan on spending more time and bringing a small zoom lens. I am happy with the images but there isn’t much room to back up on the skinny piers.


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