Ice Age Trail Eagle Segment

IAT Eagle Segment

Trail Head

A very nice, cool fall morning to hike the Eagle segment from the trail head on hwy 67 to County road N. It was a 4.5 mile hike one way with exploring Brady’s rocks.  I used the All Trails app to record my hike. The app said I hiked 4.5 mile and an elevation change of 177 feet.

The trail head has a pump for water and plenty of parking. Many wet lands and the Scuppernong River passes through the area. This segment is always wet, especially with all the recent rain we have had. Large puddles to say the least covered the trail about 4-6 inches deep in many places, but the hiking was easy. The amount of boardwalks show just how wet this area can be. The boardwalks are well done but can be very slippery. 

Scuppernong Lake

As I am writing this and looking for information on the trail. I discovered that this area was covered in a large glacial lake. Lake Scuppernong was a large lake, at some point connected to Lake Yahara. Eventually the lake drained through the Rock River. This area has a lot of history that I will have to explore more. 

Brady’s Rocks

This is an easy trail to hike, fairly flat except for an area around Brady’s Rocks. Brady’s Rocks is a short loop off of the Ice Age Trail. The trail is rocky and at times uneven. As you hike the IAT near Brady’s Rocks you can see the remains of a stone fence. This fence is all that is remains from Michael and Kathleen Brady’s farm, that they started in 1855.

These rocks are the Southern end of the Niagara Escarpment  that stretches in a long ark from Southeastern Wisconsin to Ontario, Canada and over to Niagara Falls New York. The Rock formation was formed by deposits from an ancient sea floor.

Although I did take some photos on this hike. I didn’t explore the area as much as I would like to have. Very recently I developed some knee problems and the return hike was very uncomfortable.

The All Trails app worked well, I do not have the paid version. I am trying out the free version. It was good weather so my phone was able to be located outside my pack for a good signal. Without the Pro version you are unable to download the map but you can share it. Shared to my Google Drive then saved in the post,

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