January 1st 2019

It’s New Years day 2019 and like many people I am setting some goals for the year. I don’t like the term resolution it seems like a good way for me to fail, but that’s a matter of semantics. My goals for this year are to improve my communication and personal skills. I have tried blogging many times with the goal of making money and promoting my self for something or another. This time I have a one year hosting plan and I have no plans after that. My goals will change over time, I like to think of it as refining them.

Sometimes when choosing a resolution or goal we choose something that is too difficult with our eagerness or we choose something simple, so that we can be successful.

My goals this year 2019

  • Become more proficient at writing my thoughts.
    • This blog is an example.
    • Commenting on others work. Such as blogs and photography images.
    • I will judge this as successful if I can post at least one blog post a week or 52 posts and comment on others images and work. Not clicks of likes or similar types of non personal communication.
  • Put myself into new situations that I wouldn’t normally.
    • I am often seen as outgoing but it is very hard for me to put myself into situations that I am a stranger in large groups.
    • I will judge this as successful if I can visit new groups (not online)  or clubs and not just blend into the blur of the group. Meet new people and learn there names.
  • Enter 12 photo contests
    • I will judge this as successful if I am successful at entering 12 photo contests. I usually enter 1-2 a year. I am a member of local photography clubs and the Photographic Society Of America (PSA).  I do not have the competition gene for anything not even sports. Winning has never been important to me but I do have the participation gene just usually to lazy.
  • Take on one new position in some type of organization and do it for one year.
    • This is obvious if I do it or not.

This Bog/ journal will be my ruler and record to myself. Not caring if anyone else ever looks at it.

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