Looking Out

When summer finally finds its way to the Midwest so does the heat and humidity. When this type of weather comes, sometimes I need a break. Making an escape from the humidity and also the crazy amount of insects that savagely feed on you as you try hiking trails.

One area I can always count on be more comfortable during the summer is around the shores of Lake Michigan. It’s always cooler and feels more comfortable with a good breeze. Sunrises are always a favorite for me. Unfortunately during July and August the rises so early you need to be as I was up at 2:30am and on the road by shortly after 3am to travel the hour and twenty minutes to Port Washington WI. It can be difficult to motivate but always a good time and the motivation part is why I almost always by myself or one other. Everyone loves a sunset, they are easy.

I left my DSLR and mirrorless cameras in my vehicle and took my phone. Standing at the same place I have stood a dozen times. I enjoyed the sunrise but no new or satisfying images. So I decided to move around and try different angles and foregrounds exercising some creative muscles. These types of images really only work after the sun gains a little height.

I edited these images in both Snapseed and the Lightroom app on my Samsung S8. I think that Lightroom made a better quality image but I prefer how Snapseed handled the HDR effect.


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