My Bird List 2019

This isn’t a complete list but it is definitely a list. I consider this my first real year of birding since my goal was to bird as much as possible and identify at least 50 species.

My birding year started out pretty good birding in the Dominican Republic in February. I definitely learned a lot about being prepared for a new area. In late February I had shoulder surgery and was unable to do much at all except therapy until late April and early May.

In November I finally visited my local Audubon chapter and participated in some bird walks. Some days were brutal along the shoreline of Lake Geneva but it was worth it.

Identifying various bird species is definitely a challenge foe and takes some time to look up but I am getting better. I am also starting to use a Skopecase for my phone so hopefully I will be able to photograph the birds I see and look at the details later after it flies away.

The bird(s) that were the most exciting for me this year was the Rose Breasted Grosbeak and the Pileated Woodpecker. I had never seen either of these birds but in one day I saw 11 Rose Breasted Grosbeaks. The Pileated Woodpeckers we observed near Bigfoot Beach in Lake Geneva. The first time two flew into a tree about 30 feet or less from us. The next time we observed them entering and exiting a hole in a cherry tree.

The list below contains 66 species.

Common Loon4/21/18Harrington Beach State Park
American White Pelican4/2918Horicon Marsh
Trumpeter Swan4/29/18Horicon Marsh
Mallard4/29/18Horicon Marsh
Blue Winged Teal4/21/18Lions Den Gorge
Green Winged Teal4/21/18Lions Den Gorge
Red Head4/29/18Horicon Marsh
Ringed Neck Duck4/21/18Lions Den Gorge
Common Merganser4/24/19Schlitz Audubon
Wild Turkey4/22/19Kiswauketoe
Sandhill Crane4/28/19Kiswauketoe
Ringed Billed Gull4/21/18Harrington Beach State Park
Mourning Dove4/22/18 Delavan Arboretum
Snowy Owl12/09/17Coal Dock Park Port Washington
Belted Kingfisher4/21/18Lions Den Gorge
Red Headed Woodpecker05/01/19Kiswauketoe
Downy Woodpecker4/10/19Kiswauketoe
Hairy Woodpecker07/01/17Home
Northern Flicker4/10/19Kiswauketoe
Blue Jay05/06/19Kiswauketoe
American Crow4/21/18Harrington Beach State Park
Black Capped Chickadee4/21/18Lions Den Gorge
White Breasted Nuthatch4/23/19Price Park
Marsh Wren4/29/18Horicon Marsh
Ruby Crowned Kinglet4/24/19Schlitz Audubon
Blue Grey Gnatcatcher4/24/19Schlitz Audubon
Eastern Bluebird6/24/17Hartman Creek State Park
American Robin05/06/19Kiswauketoe
Wood Thrush5/19/19Dorothy Cairns
Hermit Thrush4/24/19Schlitz Audubon
Grey Catbird5/18/19Retzer Nature Center
European Starling4/22/19Troy Center
Brown Thrasher4/30/19Scuppernong
Yellow Warbler05/08/19Kiswauketoe
Magnolia Warbler5/18/19Kiswauketoe
Yellow Rumped Warbler05/06/19Kiswauketoe
Palm Warbler05/19/19Dorothy Cairns
Yellow Throated Warbler05/10/19Dorothy Cairns
American Redstart05/05/19Retzer Nature Center
Norther Waterthrush05/19/19Dorothy Cairns
Scarlet Tanager05/19/19Dorothy Cairns
Northern Cardinal05/18/19Kiswauketoe
Rose Breasted Grosbeak05/06/19Kiswauketoe
Indigo Bunting05/07/19Home
Eastern Towhee04/28/19Kiswauketoe
Savannah Sparrow05/05/19Retzer Nature Center
Dark Eyed Junco11/29/19
Bobolink05/18/19Retzer Nature Center
Brown Headed Cowbird04/10/19Kiswauketoe
Red Winged Blackbird05/18/19Retzer Nature Center
Common Grackle04/29/19Home
Baltimore Oriole05/11/19Nine Springs
Scotts Oriole05/30/19Home
House Finch07/01/19Home
American Goldfinch05/06/19Home
Pileated Woodpecker11/16/19Bigfoot State Park
Bufflehead11/16/19Bigfoot State Park
Green Heron02/05/19Punta Cana
Great Egret02/05/19Punta Cana
Hispaniolan Woodpecker02/05/19Punta Cana
Grey Kingbird02/05/19Punta Cana
Hispaniolan Woodpecker02/05/19Punta Cana
Greater Antillean Grackle02/05/19Punta Cana
Bananaquit02/05/19Punta Cana
Tree Swallow04/28/19Kiswauketoe