My Week In Birding May 19, 2019

In February I had shoulder surgery and been pretty inactive since. My usual job as a carpenter keeps me very busy and active. Since my surgery, I have put on a few too many pounds  and worst of all I am currently stuck in an office for the entire day, After almost 35 years of working outside, this is torture. So I have been hiking and birding when I can after work to get some exercise in.  It is still difficult to raise my right arm with the binoculars to my eyes so using one hand does offer a little more shake but this hopefully will improve soon.

This past week, Sunday May 11-May 19 2019,  I have birded at Two different locations. These dates are not exactly a week but I wanted to add a few more for my first post.

Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha County and Dorothy Carnes County Park in Jefferson County.

This list is not a complete list but a list of new birds or birds that aren’t so common. For instance I am leaving out Robins, Geese, Red Winged Black Birds, etc, that I have seen this week.

It amazes me sometimes how birds just show up. For instance, I never had seen an Indigo Bunting around my house then one day I had at least four of them at the feeder. I had never seen a Scarlet Tanager until today I saw at least 6 at Dorothy Carnes. Then when I get home, I see one in a tree in the back yard.

As I was hiking today I looked at my phone for the weather and saw that a large storm was getting near, all red on the RADAR. I had about an hour hike back to my vehicle so I headed back but not soon enough. The last 500 feet, all hell let loose with high winds, heavy rain and lighting. As I drove away completely drenched, trees were down on the road that goes further into the park area. Fortunately I had a clear path out.

One of the most interesting birds for me this month was a Eastern whip-poor-will. Friends and I were set up for some observing (astronomy) in early May at another Jefferson county park, Carlin Weld when the tell tale sound of a whip-poor-will started just about sunset. I have never heard one in this area, usually it’s only in mid to Northern Wisconsin. The sound is amazing.

Birds This Week.

Dorothy Carnes County Park

Northern Water Thrush

Palm Warbler

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Scarlet Tanager

Wood Thrush

White Pelican


Retzer Nature Center

Bobo Link

Gray Catbird

Magnolia Warbler

Blue Grey

Blue-gray gnatcatcher


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