Peak Design Capturepro Clip Review

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I wrote this review of the peak design capturepro clip, a couple of years ago but since I am still asked about this clip I thought that I would update it.

They no longer make the clip that I have, the new one is the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 (with Plate)

A couple of years ago, I and a friend went backpacking in Glacier National Park, I had rigged up a way to carry my camera, a Canon 7D. I had used a small case with a rain cover that I suspended off of my pack straps in front of me at chest level, I did notice the weight and what was the most annoying and dangerous was that it obstructed my view of the trail.  I hadn’t noticed it being an obstruction in Wisconsin but walking narrow trails in the mountains was completely different. So after a short day hike I opted to carry my phone as my only camera.

This year we spent 10 days day hiking in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons and backpacking in the Wind River Range near Pinedale Wyoming. I had picked up a Peak Design capturepro clip. With this clip I have been able to carry my 7D on my day pack and backpack with no problems and no notice of extra weight even though I know it is there. I was questioned by a couple of people on the trail asking about what I was using, a short demonstration on how easy it is to clip on and off was all that was needed to have them asking where can they get one. I should have packed a couple to sell on the trail.

I have found this little clip a fantastic addition to my travel gear. Another couple along with my wife and I spent a week in the Denver area not long ago, of the many things that Denver has to offer is it’s wide variety of breweries and tap houses. Having this clip attached to my belt was so much better than having a camera hanging around my neck all day. When you have a camera hanging around you can often get the attention of others, sometimes this is good other times it better to be inconspicuous, and I didn’t have to worry about leaving it somewhere.


With the addition of a Peak Design wrist strap I decided to carry my Sony A5100 on most days this is the perfect system. I have since added a Peak Design strap to my Canon 7D and since it’s interchangeable I can swap the straps if needed.

The peak design capturepro clip uses a Swiss Arca plate to my surprise and joy I found that the Peak Design clip fits my  Vanguard VEO Tripod very nicely.

After using this many times I have found that even my Canon 7D with a 70-200 zoom rides comfortably and is easy to access. Sometimes you want to have your camera out and available but also need the freedom of motion and two free hands to move.

I see some reviews that you cannot get this clip on a moderately padded strap, it does take a little bit of squeezing but not too much. I put this on my Osprey backpack along with my  Low Pro AW camera bag.

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