Sunflowers seem to have a presence about them, not in an anthropomorphic fashion, but in a grand, exiting way. Maybe it’s the bright color or the numbers of them when they are planted in large groups. Some are very tall reaching heights of over 20 feet but more likely to be about 6-8 feet tall.

As I look into the history and use of sunflowers I am again finding my self in awe. It is thought that sunflowers may have been domesticated before corn somewhere about 3000 BCE in Mexico and what is now the Southwestern United States. Seeds were taken back to Europe in the 16th century and then made a return in the 18th century after being cultivated and farmed in Russia.

The history on this plant is kind of fascinating, for more information consider checking out this link to the National Sunflower Association.

I found these sunflowers when I stumbled on a social media post with a water tower in the background. and was able to located them. Unfortunately they are about an hour away but it was a fun time finding them and getting some images.

Even with the color removed and the image only in black and white, I find them fascinating.

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