The Browns Of November

The amazing colors of Fall have passed and we are left with a with short window of fantastic browns. November is a great time to explore the trails. keeping in mind being safe with all hunting seasons but especially gun deer season.

The amazing reds, yellows, oranges along with others have left us. What is left, is beautiful pallet of browns ranging from light tan to a dark chocolate and everything in between. The leaves are still crisp and not covered with snow. The sounds that they make is magical as we walk the trail, crunching and swishing as we walk. Details in the structure of the plants are clearly seen without all the flowers and leaves. Life isn’t dead, it’s just moving on with the cycle of life, getting ready for Spring. Many plants have already distributed there seeds, but some such as the cattails and are still working on it.

When I was a Boy Scout we tasted the edible roots of the cattail and used the fluff as fire starter. These are but a few of the wonderful uses of this plant. I plan to explore the uses of this beautiful brown and bountiful plant.

Get outside and explore some of the wonderful browns today, hopefully I will see you on the trail.

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