The Deuce of Spades

After changing the direction of my blog, I decided that my first post should be about number two.  More specifically a trowel for back country sanitation; The Deuce of Spades made by TheTentLab. Typically not needed for day hiking but you never know.

Most backpackers are familiar with the old tried and maybe not so true orange plastic spade. This is what I used as a youth when backpacking, canoeing, etc, and most of the time it was a failure. Rocks roots and hard ground made it almost impossible to use correctly.

The first time I used the Deuce of Spades was in the Bridger Teton National Forest, backpacking into Titcomb  Basin of the Wind River Range. The ground had about a two-three inch matt of small roots and a lot of gravel. With few places for privacy it’s no wonder certain locations were well used. Unfortunately digging a cathole was difficult so many did not.

I thought that I would destroy the Deuce of Spades in this soil but the thin profile and design cut right through, no problems and no damage. Currently the have improved the design by adding serrations and now offer three sizes. If you spend time hiking, backpacking, kayaking, etc you need to try one of these. At only .6 ounces  and just under seven inches by 2.5 inches wide it is easy to pack and a pleasure to use.

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