The Highline Trail to the Garden Wall.

This is an updated repost of a blog that I did in 2014 after a trip to Glacier National Park.

Hiking the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park (GNP) is an amazing experience, and a must do when visiting GNP. We parked at the shuttle stop “The Loop”, a section of the Going To The Sun road that has parking, bathrooms and a shuttle stop. We took the shuttle to Logan Pass to start the hike. This shuttle stop is where we planned to finish our hike. After hiking from Logan pass to the Granite Chalet about 8 miles then another 4 miles to our vehicle down the Loop Trail.

The trail to the Garden Wall splits off into a spur trail. Working your way up the trail is a slow process gaining about 1000 feet in less than a mile to the top of the Continental Divide . So many people passed me on their way down, offering encouragement about how great the view was and that it’s worth the effort.


Coming back down is treacherous to say the least. The trail conditions that I failed to notice on my way up were an entirely different adventure.


Highline Trail

Please forgive the heavy breathing in the video. It was a little climb to get to this location and it was awesome.

Garden Wall

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