Week In Review. October 27, 2019.

Astronomy Outreach

This past week has been a lot of fun, even with not feeling well a couple of days. Friday October 19 some friends and I provided some evening entertainment and education with a local birding group.  Sharing views of the night sky through our telescopes. Friday October 25th a small group of us set our telescopes up for Boo At The Bay. A Halloween in Williams Bay Wisconsin. The program for local children included, games, spooky hikes, pumpkin carving, telescope observing and more. It was a great time, the children sure seemed to enjoy it. It was clear out for observing but we were place almost directly under three street lights. Not so good for views of the night sky but we did our best. I brought the smallest telescope, my 80mm that I use as a finder scope on my 15” dobsonian. You can recognize my equipment because I spent a lot on the dew protection; Dixie Cups. They are simple and work well. 

Audubon Meeting

Tuesday October 22 I attended my first Audubon (Lakeland Audubon) meeting also held in Williams Bay. They had a really nice presentation by the park naturalist from Richard Bong State Recreation Area. I have been to this park many times but it was very interesting learning about the history and makeup of the many different areas of the park. I will do more of an in depth review of this park soon.

Bigfoot State Park Hike/ Birding

A three and a half mile hike on Saturday the 26th, around Bigfoot State Park in Lake Geneva was a surprisingly comfortable hike. I have been here before but it is either the dead of winter or it’s a zoo with all the visitors. Not a place I would normally enjoy. Today I meet no one on the trails and only saw a handful of people and dogs as I left the park. I logged 6 species of birds on E-Bird and discovered that the app can save a record a track. Unfortunately they don’t have a way to share this information, so I took a screen shot of it. 

Richard Bong State Recreation Area, Hike/ Birding

After the presentation about Richard Bong State Recreation Area, I really wanted to visit it again. Sunday the 27th I hiked a little over 5 miles and observed 10 species of birds, walked through lots of water and mud. I had forgotten how busy this park gets with bird hunters. The place was packed and most areas I tried to approach the water were occupied by hunters. It was still a good time and I plan to go back soon.

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