Winter Leaves

For what ever reason, I often enjoy hiking by myself. Finding trails and areas that are not being highly traveled. This can also be achieved by hiking in extreme weather or early or late in the day.

When hiking during the winter extreme low temperatures of around 10 degrees Fahrenheit or less starts to make the snow squeak when you walk on it. The colder it gets the more squeaky the snow gets as I walk on it. This sound reminds me of eating fresh cheese curds. Maybe it’s just time for lunch.

Leaves can catch the eye when hiking during the winter, adding color and shape to the landscape. These leaves that remain are referred to as marcescent or marcescence. It may be on all or part of a tree or plant. Many Oaks seem to hold on to their leaves. As best that I can find, the reason why some trees retain their leaves is unknown but there are some theories. Such as helping to protect the plant from animals such as deer.

What ever the reason they make for a better looking landscape during the cold and snowy Wisconsin Winter.